Hope gets stitched across this dark night

In luminous

Numinous threads of gold


And reappearing 

Into and back out again from loss

To mend the fabric

Of a people torn

To heal the lacerations

Skipping across the body of humanity

Diving through the surface of pain

To emerge like a needle 

Breaching the black velvet mystery

Again and again

With diaphanous silk 

Dashed and golden pathways

Embroidering the way back home

Back to wholeness

Back to who we are meant to be


From this ancient fabric

I now make the garments of my life

And the threads become a network

Seams of light

On robes of purpose

Each glowing hopeful strand


Into the folds of my arms 

Which are open

Safe and vulnerable

Outstretched once again

In welcome



"Abstruse: Grasping at Golden Filaments" 2015, acrylics, saguaro seeds, and gold powder on a discarded canvas.